My! What Big Eyelashes You Have!

Distraction, diversion, trickery — are all pretty solid techniques to get people to notice something other than the big girls. So in the words of every teacher, “I want all eyes up here” and  “Look me in the eye(s)…” verses some guy rudely staring at the ta-tahs!

Okay, so in reality, you  are not going to tell John Q. Public “to look me in the eyes” nor will you say, “please stop staring at my chest”. Although John Q.P. maybe bad-mannered, it’s a tough road to try to correct  boorishness behavior.  It’s just not what we do.  However,  with a little visual diversion, it may happen anyway. Go ahead and highlight those big, beautiful eyes and you will sparkle!

Modest Girls has found the solution to what may be the absolute best mascara product available, Trish McEvoy’s  Lash Curling Jet Black Mascara.  This is no ordinary mascara, first the price is a whopping big $30 but it is worth it.

According to the Trish McEvoy website “This revolutionary tubular curling mascara forms water-resistant tubes 360° around lashes, dries instantly and cannot smudge or smear. Better than waterproof, the 24-hour formula stays just-applied looking yet slides off with only warm water without leaving a trace….”

The results are closest in the appearance to that of wearing fake eyelashes. The lashes are fatten and extended and it never smudges nor gives you raccoon eyes. It’s truly remarkable. Put on a little of your favorite eyeliner and viola!

You look smashing!

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