BIG day at the Wacoal Outlet Sale!!!

If you  are in the tri-state area in the next few days,  you might want to make a check out the bonanza of a sale at the Wacoal Factory in Lyndhurst, NJ.   It was my first time at their biannual sale and it did not disappoint. I purchased 5 bras and some panties for a total of $127 verses the full retail of $318. Not too shabby!

The sale, which was only advertised in local NJ newspapers, consisted of  not-so-large room, maybe ’20 x ’26 feet, was chock full of bras, panties, lingerie. Apparently they are second quality, however, I only found one bra with a flaw of 2 hook & eye closures when there should have been 3. The wait for the 2 dressing rooms was disappointing long. But it was worth the wait, since the purchases are non returnable. It was also kind of fun bonding with a very diverse group of New Jersey beautiful women.  Nothing like an awesome sale & the buying such personal items to bring out the humor!

The word on the dressing room line was that the December sale in 2011 had bigger savings at 75% off and several deeply discounted bins versus today’s sale was 65% off retail. Let it be known that Wacoal does not go on sale in your favorite department store. However, once in a while you  might find a rare few at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Daffy’s, or Century 21. They will be odd sizes for sure, but be sure to look!

The sale runs from Saturday, July 21 through Friday, July 27th from 10 AM to 5 PM and is closed on Sunday.  The factory’s address is 50 Polito Ave., Lyndhurst, NJ 07071 and is directly across from Medieval Times. While you are in the discount shopping mode, nearby is Harmon Cove Outlets, where my favorite stop is Gucci. But shopper beware, this is not your typical outlet shopping, each store or factory is a car ride to the next one. Be sure to google Harmon Cove Outlets, Secaucus to check out the store listings and addresses.

The building has a giant, retro WACOAL neon sign  on its rooftop, however, there are no big signs directing you into the parking lot for the factory sale. As a matter of fact, the door into the sale was locked when I tried to go in and had to wait for someone to leave for it to open and only then did I realize I was in the right place.

I truly love a sale….  and BTW no sales tax on clothing in New Jersey!





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