The Modest Girls are shy and they will never reveal their identity.

That being said,  The MGs  likes to talk,  so she will share a little info.  MGs comes from a family of all small busted women – totally not fair!  MGs thinks it has to do with all the whole milk she drunk growing up. About a half gallon a day (yuck). The upside is she never had a broken bone and is also the tallest female in her family, which she also thinks had to do with the milk.  Not very scientific of course.

In her profession, circle of friends, at the gym, book group or at the beach, she notices that those of kindred spirit in the breast department have trouble with dressing big ta-tahs (if you haven’t been there you just have no idea…). The Modest Girls is there to help and is happy to take your own suggestions – G rated comments need only reply!

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Logo Design by Janelle of Badia Creations. Janelle is a graduate from Montclair State University where she earned  Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. As a freelance graphic designer she is enthusiastic for all types of projects.  Check out Janelle’s Facebook page for www.facebook.com/badiacreations or contact her directly at janelle.badia@yahoo.com

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