Accessorize like Sofia Vergara


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No  denying that Modern Family’s, Sofia Vergara, aka Gloria, flaunts her rather large boobs and fabulous figure like no other. Although, you would not call her a “modest girl” it’s part of her screen persona, that and her hysterical sense of humor.  … Continue reading

Good-bye black, Hello Miss Fun!

Pretty & fun Spense blouses will look great this summer!

Hurry, hurry to pick up these cool tops that will brighten up your party wear from your nearest Marshalls or TJ Maxx. These treasures are super forgiving to the big busts. The scoop neckline begs for a chunky necklace, while the wide, sleeveless straps  do a fantastic job of covering the “over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders”.

Made by Spense, the jewel toned blouses look great tucked into a pair of white jeans  or wear them with your dress slacks. The higher neck version works for the office too.  Top it off with a light weight sweater or jean jacket and you are set!

Every gal should have some pretty blouses to wear &  just about anyone can afford these– just $14.99! But you better get there quick– these gems are flying off the rack.

Good-bye black!!! Well, for the moment anyway… 😉

Mad Men’s Joan Holloway rocks the curves

She is amazing. Christina Hendricks portray’s the 1960s femme fatale career girl, Joan Holloway, who is beautiful and completely unabashed. She clearly has the most curvaceous figure in her office and probably all of television.

While seemingly immodest, since all of her 1960s dresses are incredibly form-fitting, Joan does not typically reveal cleavage nor overt cheapness. In this modern-day, when media images flaunt sexuality, Joan is a refreshing portrayal of “how to be a lady, even though it’s painful” etiquette. And she celebrates her curves like no other.

You go girl!

Top10 Fashion Dos & Don’ts for DDD Girls

  1. Victoria Secret bras are a no; Wacoal brand an awesome yes
  2. Fun, long, stylin’ necklaces you see everywhere, they are not your friends…
  3. Do wear really interesting 18″ necklaces  with all of your solid dark colored tops
  4. Don’ t wear basic crewneck tee shirts – your chest looks massive enough
  5. Wear a moderate V- neck or a deep U; a little skin keeps those eyes looking up
  6. Don’t wear shirts that have decorative breast pockets.  Do you really want someone to reach for a pen from your left breast? .
  7. Alleluia!  Top designs that include slight gathering or ruched neck line
  8. Dresses are rarely a do. It’s about separates;  great tops & slimming slacks/skirt
  9. Wear lightly layered, drape-y sweaters, unbuttoned, falls a little below the hip, dark colors- Belldini is great brand
  10. Don’t wear patterns, unless you are wearing a solid sweater on top (see  #9)
  11. Bonus Tip: albeit obvious, big bulky sweaters, Don’t  Do It!  No matter how cold it is – they now have hi tech fabrics that are whisper thin & will keep you toasty….

Ta- ta for now!

Hello world!

There is a sisterhood of women out there who have been given A LOT up top… Truth be told, it’s more than our fair share. If life was simple, many would gladly help our  gal friends out who are A,B,C cups… and donate some boob to those in need. But of course it doesn’t work that way.

Instead we face the daily challenge of :

  • reigning the sisters in,
  • strapping them down,
  • wearing dark colors and
  • finding tops that fit.

Although our fashion choices may be limited, we are resourceful!

The Modest Girls will share techniques, tales, tips and trials and tribulations of having big ta-tas.  Fashion finds that the DD & DDDs love? We report, you wear!

Welcome and please don’t stare… 😉