Thanks Ann Taylor! Cleavage contained…

Great tee shirts  to be found at Ann Taylor Factory  that  works for the babes with big busts! The Modest Girls are not into showing off the cleavage– it is more about containing it. so when we find tops that are comfortable, stylish and non cleavage showing we share!

With sales happening for the  4th of July holiday I made a quick dash to the not-so-far-away outlets to check out what they had . While I only I bought one  shirt I wore it last night & wish I purchased a few more! They  are fashionable and super lightweight with a nice selection of colors:  mushroom, navy, red, white to name a few  and easy on the wallet at $29.99 with 50% off = $15!

Ann Taylor Factory Tee $15!

I had hope to find the listing for this shirt for the Ann Taylor Factory store online Unfortunately the Factory store  is not accessible online, you have to go in person…. too bad!  The full price, retail store Ann Taylor is  your internet choice so I did a little hunting around there to see if we could find a few tops that would work for the big breasts.

Indeed there are & on sale too!  So MGs, we have beautiful choices out there…

Ann Taylor Woven Drape Front Sleeveless $29

Ann T’s Cowl Neck Cap Sleeve top $49.99

Target these Cool Tops

Some mornings you just need to throw on a top & run to the store, walk the dog, or bake some cookies. You are not looking to dress up but you don’t really want to look like a disaster. Your favorite tee-shirt is in the wash, what do you grab next?

Babes with Big Busts– you grab one of these! You think Nordstrom?, Bloomingdale’s?, Neiman (way too main stream for NM)… No No No!!! They are all from Tarjaeee, I mean Target…

This Merona gathered at the neck, comes in several colors & for basic totally not boring. Cute cap sleeves, nice fabric stretch, slightly fitted, scoop neck that is not too low nor too high. $10 buck-a-roos

Mossimos Knit to Woven Boxy Top, $18,  comes in 3 colors. This is a pretty cool top because the front is a silky polyester, which is a great, yet simple, dressed up look, while the backing is a soft cotton blend for stretch. Casual Chic!

Gilligan & O’Malley Fluid Knit Sleep Top $13. Yes it’s sleep wear & I bought two! One in charcoal and one in black. Great for running errands or watching tv. Whatever!
Kudos to Target for giving Modest Girls something to brag about!

Rejoice! Tommy Hilfiger saves the day…

Tommy Hilfiger’s Stylin’ Tops for Big Ta-tas

This past Saturday, while wandering the mall for inspiration, graduation parties were on the mind. We racked up a total of 8 invitations… People were celebrating! And the parties have been fun; poolside, restaurants, theme drinks, fountains, pulled pork, kabobs… Like a busy wedding season, you want to look stylish & dress to have fun without breaking the bank.

Back to shopping… I stumbled across the Tommy Hilfiger area at Macy’s & these two fun blouses nearly jumped off the rack & into my hands! A quick trip to the dressing room sealed the deal. Both were $69 with 25% off + a $10 off coupon bringing each to $36. This MG’s DDDs were happy. And yes, they are machine washable… 🙂

We love the sleeveless ruched gathered top with a little braiding at the scoop neckline.  The bold vibrant green, blue, gold & a splash of red print reminds us of Hermes or Chanel but at a fraction of the price. As the sun goes down, throw on a great sweater or a wrap for a little cover.

The navy blue, loose fitting  boat neck top will be perfectly cool in the office this summer, and no tucking in! This top swings… Wear with your favorite cream or khaki slacks & probably some pearls- it’s a sophisticated & simple “go to” outfit.

Good-bye black, Hello Miss Fun!

Pretty & fun Spense blouses will look great this summer!

Hurry, hurry to pick up these cool tops that will brighten up your party wear from your nearest Marshalls or TJ Maxx. These treasures are super forgiving to the big busts. The scoop neckline begs for a chunky necklace, while the wide, sleeveless straps  do a fantastic job of covering the “over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders”.

Made by Spense, the jewel toned blouses look great tucked into a pair of white jeans  or wear them with your dress slacks. The higher neck version works for the office too.  Top it off with a light weight sweater or jean jacket and you are set!

Every gal should have some pretty blouses to wear &  just about anyone can afford these– just $14.99! But you better get there quick– these gems are flying off the rack.

Good-bye black!!! Well, for the moment anyway… 😉

Top10 Fashion Dos & Don’ts for DDD Girls

  1. Victoria Secret bras are a no; Wacoal brand an awesome yes
  2. Fun, long, stylin’ necklaces you see everywhere, they are not your friends…
  3. Do wear really interesting 18″ necklaces  with all of your solid dark colored tops
  4. Don’ t wear basic crewneck tee shirts – your chest looks massive enough
  5. Wear a moderate V- neck or a deep U; a little skin keeps those eyes looking up
  6. Don’t wear shirts that have decorative breast pockets.  Do you really want someone to reach for a pen from your left breast? .
  7. Alleluia!  Top designs that include slight gathering or ruched neck line
  8. Dresses are rarely a do. It’s about separates;  great tops & slimming slacks/skirt
  9. Wear lightly layered, drape-y sweaters, unbuttoned, falls a little below the hip, dark colors- Belldini is great brand
  10. Don’t wear patterns, unless you are wearing a solid sweater on top (see  #9)
  11. Bonus Tip: albeit obvious, big bulky sweaters, Don’t  Do It!  No matter how cold it is – they now have hi tech fabrics that are whisper thin & will keep you toasty….

Ta- ta for now!