Death by Swimsuit

Seriously, shopping for a bathing suit when you have big boobs — it could kill you.

  • You could die of embarrassment. Hidden dressing room security people are aghast by your enormous breasts, or
  • You want to “throw in the towel”, the frustration of finding nothing fits makes you want to “call it quits”, or
  • You have a heart attack when a not-so-dorky swimsuit fits & holds the bosoms!

There is no such thing as a bathing suit that supports big boobs & looks good. It’s a pipe dream.

I have bought many swimsuits over years and still keep going back to one aka “Trusty”. It is a one-piece,  black, Cole of California,  a high neckline, key hole back support,  no underwire, quality fabric which keeps the breast up and a slimming lower body.

God bless this swimsuit, but man, I am sick of it.

Cole of California, aka “Trusty”

This spring, I started the swimsuit shopping early due to April vacation plans. I promised myself, money was no object. If it worked, buy it no regrets. It is time to bury “Trusty”.

After a scouring  many  stores & hours of searching on the internet, I nearly gave up.  However,  I was pleasantly surprised to stumble across a pretty, navy blue suit by Jones New York. Of course, since I really wasn’t looking that day but the shape was so similar TrustyBonus!  The neckline had some funky  beads on it so everyone would clearly recognize that I wasn’t wearing  crusty Trusty. At $110, I wasn’t happy about the price, but if it work & it could be the next Trusty.

Once on vacation, at a truly stunning Las Vegas resort, I was pretty psyched to be poolside, sipping tropical drinks and wearing my new suit & glamorous cover up. The  90 degree temperature  beckoned for a swim. Unfortunately, while strutting  to the pool, I notice a breeze whispering through the crotch area of the suit, the bottom was too loose…and once it got wet, it stretched larger. 😦  Although there was a quick fix by sewing a few pinches of fabric together around the leg opening – the suit disappoints.

Jones New York new navy Swimsuit

Not wanting to let the Swimsuit Doldrums get this DDD down, I have since checked out Lord & Taylor, which showcases  approximately 300 different swim suits.  I pulled a potential 5 that might hold the girls in & up without too much cleavage.

Definitely, not too promising, I will let the Modest Girl Community decide…

  • The trio of suits, by Miraclesuit, are approximately $150 ea. Underwire support but no cup size;  cup size Miracle suits can be found online.
  • The 2 swimsuits, by Longtitude, are about $80 ea.The high neckline is good for cleavage coverage but no support to speak of otherwise… The color is a bit wild for the big girls too!